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Sweet Features


Online Booking

Stop answering the phone, our online automatic booking system saves you countless hours every week.

Pre-Paid Cuts

No Show? No Problem. Get paid the second a client books. Cancellation policies can be customized.

Text Reminders

Help clients remember appointments with instant text confirmations and automatic reminders sent the day before their cut.

Fund Splitting

For multi-chair shops, when a payment is received, direct some to your account, and some to your barbers’ accounts automatically..

1099 Reporting

Automatically generate 1099 tax reports for all your barbers in seconds. Wow, that was easy!

Tip By Text

A text asking the client if they want to tip is automatically sent 1 hr after the haircut. Some barbers are going to a higher flat-fee, no tip, pricing structure.

Automated Front Desk

Forget answering the phone, our auto attendant will direct people to online booking, and handle tech support.

Ready for your next cut? ™

Keep clients booking by sending them a message with an appointment suggestion if they are not on the book.

5 Star Review Finder ™

Automatically ask all clients for reviews, when a 5 star is submitted, we ask them to post to Facebook and Google Maps.

Custom Website

No website? No problem! All customers get a custom url.

Client Paid Advertising

Generate more revenue for the shop and help get your clients hyper local ad exposure.

Auto Transfer to Savings ™

Trying to save for taxes, a house, or a new shop? We can split your funds between a checking and savings account for you.

Barber CRM

Stay on top of your clients with our built in Customer Relationship Management tool. See client history, notes, and send email & texts for free.

Text Campaigns

Automatically send personalized text messages to each one of your clients with a few simple clicks.

no hassle, leave whenever, pricing

Free to sign up, no contracts.

$0.99/ cut
All fees paid by client
Lowest Cost
All Features
Cash Payments
Credit Card Processing
Unlimited Texts
Outbound Marketing 1
Automated Front Desk 2
$1999/ mo
Paid seperatly by each individual barber
Great Value
All Features
Cash Payments
Credit Card Processing
Pay Per Text
Outbound Marketing 1
Automated Front Desk 2
$3999/ mo
Paid seperatly by each individual barber
Most Popular
All Features
Cash Payments
Credit Card Processing
650 Texts Included
Outbound Marketing 1
Automated Front Desk 2
Credit Card Processing: If used, fees can be charged directly to the client as "convenience charge", paid for by the shop, or paid for by the individual barber. Payouts to barbers occur weekly. Stripe "Express Account" fees apply see for details.
1 Outbound Marketing: Strict SPAM adherence rules apply. If barber is found to abuse the system, features will be removed. Please review our outbound marketing communications policy prior to sending marketing messages. The cost per outbound marketing text is $0.04. Other A2P & 10DLC fees apply for 10DLC registration, and campaign registration / fees. We do not mark those fees up,
2 Phone & Automated Front Desk: A phone number, unique to your shop, is required to send text messages. Phone number price and area code availability vary. Local phone numbers are $2.50/mo. Toll Free Numbers are $5.00/mo. Use of Automated Front Desk is optional. If used, the cost per minute is $0.01.
Doing it the old way, I had 4 to 8 last-minute cancellations / no-shows every week. Since the switch, I've had only 4 in the last 6 months.
Time is money.
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